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  • This summer, smart earphones have brought a cool breeze to the LCD screen industry


    This summer, the fashionable smart earphone Cleer has emerged and continues to be popular on various e-commerce platforms. Our company has become the LCD display supplier for various models of Cleer smart earphones with its outstanding quality and service capabilities. Among them, the 1.85 "TFT disp Read More
  • Coming Soon to Make Its Debut at the Munich Exhibition


    The highly anticipated Munich exhibition will be held from November 12th to 15th, 2024, with numerous well-known enterprises gathering together to showcase the latest products and technologies. We are honored to announce that our company will also participate in this grand event. Booth number 578. A Read More
  • Participate in Hong Kong exhibitions to drive business development


    In the past four days, our company has participated in the electronics exhibition held in Hong Kong and achieved remarkable results. This exhibition not only provides us with the opportunity to understand market trends, showcase products, and establish business relationships, Read More
  • Give gift for The Mid-autumn Festival


    On the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to thank the employees for their hard work, the company gives all employees Mid Autumn gifts.This year's Mid-Autumn Festival presents are rich and varied. The company has carefully prepared delicious food such as moon cakes and drinks, Read More
  • Spring tourism in 2023


    In order to strengthen team awareness and promote communication between departments, our company organized a spring tourism activity on February 25, 2023.At 8:00 in the morning, all staff of the company, under the leadership of the manager, happily took the bus from Shenzhen to Huizhou. At the desti Read More
  • Safety training for resumption of work and production after festivals


    In order to do a good job in the work safety of resuming work and production after the holiday and prevent and curb the occurrence of various production safety accidents, our company actively carried out the safety education and training of resuming work and production for enterprises on February 3, Read More
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